When glaring through both glasses of ice coffee,  the dedicated connoisseur or observer can barely tell the difference.  Although both look very similar, a careful observer may be able to give a guess as to which is brewed traditionally and which is brewed through a cold-brew method.  Perhaps, if brewed the same exact strength, with the same amount of ice, even the connoisseur would miss subtle visual differences. 

AHHHHHH.......But the taste!  The difference is large!

Round, robust, full-bodied, possibly even "creamy" may be used to describe the iced coffee brewed using a cold brew method. A taste of iced coffee brewed traditionally, will draw taste descriptions similar to: lite, delightful, and refreshing.  The traditional brew is often used for ice coffee as an answer to hot coffee on the waning days of summer.

Cold brewed coffee is a drink that has it's own personality and stands at attention on its own.  Whether consumed as a latte, poured straight over ice, or blended with other beverages "outside the box," or in this case, "the Cup,"  cold brew opens new experiences for your taste buds if you have never tried it. 

At A Cup of Everything, cold brew takes at least 24 hours to reach perfection after careful measuring, grinding, and using water filtered by reverse osmosis.  After the grounds are separated from the liquid our cold brew is refrigerated immediately to keep it's fully blossomed taste.

Cold brew is versatile, especially at A Cup of Everything.  Try ordering a plain cold brew and add Choco Noir wine, ice cream, or one of our Monin Syrups. Or...all of these in one of our two handled cups with whipped cream on top. YUM!

Cold brewed coffee, left, is a drink of its own with a taste that invites addiction.

Cold brewed coffee, left, is a drink of its own with a taste that invites addiction.

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